What's Included:

Meal Planning/Nutritional Guidance

  • Customized meal plans and nutritional advice to fuel your progress, optimize fat loss and build muscle.

  • We focus on small manageable changes each day that lead to big changes each month.

Bi-Weekly Measurement/Weigh Ins

  • Progress Tracking with regular check-ins, body measurements and weigh ins to make sure you're hitting your goal.

Weekly Workouts

  • Fast and simple weight training classes to build and tone muscle.

  • Conditioning that focuses on cardiovascular health and endurance.

A Supportive Community

  • Join a community of like minded people, outside of the judgement of others who want to help each other get results..

"I feel better about myself. I have learned to love the body i have now while working on the body i want."


"After joining Alex’s workout classes for about a month, we saw the weight fall off and shortly thereafter we started to see little muscle definition, increase in our strength but most of all, we felt full of energy throughout our days."


"On September 8th i had my follow up appointment with my doctor and my blood analysis results were great as my A1C was normal again. I was out of the diabetic stage and was also weighing in at 209 lbs. Thank you, Alex, for all your help and support!"


Here's what our customers say:

"Alex has helped me better my form and he constantly encourages me to improve week by week."


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